Juvederm Filler

Replenish Volume, Smoothen Lines, and Enhance Fullness

Restore lost volume to your skin with the help of JUVÉDERM® at Hello Laser. As time passes, our skin naturally loses its youthful fullness. But fear not, because JUVÉDERM® is here to provide a temporary solution. This remarkable treatment utilizes a modified form of hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance found in the body that contributes to skin volume. By harnessing the power of HA, JUVÉDERM® works its magic to replenish volume, smoothen lines and folds, and even enhance the fullness of your lips. Experience the transformative effects of JUVÉDERM® and let your skin rediscover its radiance at Hello Laser.


Schedule your injection at a time when minor swelling or bruising will not disrupt your social obligations. It is recommended to schedule at least 14 days prior to social events. To lessen the likelihood of bleeding or bruising, discontinue use of blood thinning products for 10 days prior to treatment, if approved by your primary care provider. This includes: aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil), naproxen, Aleve, fish oil, St. John’s Wort, flax, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, garlic, Ginkgo Biloba, ginseng, etc. Alcohol should also be avoided 24 hours pre- or post-injectable treatment. You can consider taking Arnica Montana, natural supplement, to help bruising. You may start one week prior to treatment. Please notify your nurse injector if you have any history of cold sores, as we will consider pre-medicating with an antiviral prescription prior to injections


For the first 24 hours after treatment, avoiding applying makeup, massaging or touching the injection sites, engaging in heavy exercise, sleeping on your stomach, or raising your internal temperature is important. To alleviate any discomfort, ice packs can be used for 15 minutes every hour. Sleeping with your head elevated is recommended. Acetaminophen/Tylenol can be taken for mild tenderness or discomfort, but NSAIDs such as aspirin or ibuprofen should be avoided. Refrain from receiving skincare or laser treatments for at least two weeks post-injection. In the event of unusual symptoms such as discoloration, severe pain, increased swelling, or difficulty swallowing or smiling, please contact our office promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

JUVÉDERM® is a game-changer when it comes to rejuvenating your skin. This remarkable treatment harnesses the power of hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance naturally present in our bodies. By replenishing depleted HA levels, JUVÉDERM® works its magic to restore and refill areas where this vital component has diminished over time. The selection of JUVÉDERM® depends on the specific needs of each individual, taking into account factors such as the location and severity of wrinkles, creases, and volume loss. 

JUVÉDERM® works on all skin types.

JUVÉDERM® filler injections can take 30-45 minutes.

JUVÉDERM® filler is not recommended if you have severe allergies with a history of severe reactions (anaphylaxis), are allergic to lidocaine or gram-positive bacterial proteins used to make hyaluronic acid, prone to bleeding, or have a bleeding disorder. The safety of use while pregnant or breastfeeding has not been studied. Tell your doctor if you have a history of scarring or pigmentation disorders as these side effects can occur with hyaluronic acid fillers. Tell your doctor if you are planning other cosmetic treatments (i.e., lasers and chemical peels) as there is a possible risk of inflammation at the injection site. The most common side effects are swelling, redness, pain, bruising, headache, tenderness, lump formation, itching at the injection site, and impaired hand function. Serious but rare side effects include delayed onset infections, recurrence of herpetic eruptions, and superficial necrosis at the injection site. The risk of unintentional injection into a blood vessel is small but can occur and could result in serious complications, which may be permanent including, vision abnormalities, blindness, stroke, temporary scabs, or permanent scarring of the skin. As with all skin injection procedures, there is a risk of infection. 

Results are seen immediately, however, allow 14 days for swelling and bruising to dissipate for full results.

Results can last up to 1 year post-treatment.

There is little to no downtime with JUVÉDERM® fillers. You can resume most activities right away, but it is recommended that you avoid intense activity for 24-48 hours post treatment.

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